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Myndirnar frá Vor göngu- og prjónaferð 2019

The Spring Hiking and Knitting tour is a more adventurous version of the Spring knitting [...]

Postcards from the Spring knitting retreat 2019

Spring knitting retreat? This year, it looked more like a summer retreat as the nature [...]

Myndirnar frá Vor prjónaferðinu 2017

The tours for 2018 are already opened for booking and I’m quite late sharing pictures [...]

Postcards from our Knitting in the enchanting North tour 2014

Here are pictures from our Knitting in the enchanting North tour 2014: I’m not sure how I managed that [...]

Postcards from our Knitting in the North of Iceland: traditions and Textile Museum

Cartes postales de notre voyage de tricot au Nord de l’Islande: traditions et Musée textile [...]

Postcards from our Spring Knitting Tour in Iceland

Voyage de tricot de printemps en Islande en images A few pictures from our Spring [...]