Knitting tours FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I book a tour?
Simply add the tour to you shopping card and pay the deposit of 30% of the price at the checkout. You will then be sent by email a confirmation invoice and a registration form to complete and send back to us. See also our Booking & Cancellation Policy.

Do you have a waiting list?
Best is to register to my newsletter to know when the knitting tours are opened for booking. First come, first served!

I would like to stay longer: can you book any extra nights for me before/after the tour?
Yes we can arrange that for you if there are some spots available in the guesthouse you’re staying at in Reykjavik! Just send us an email!

Can non knitters attempt the tours?
The tours are in high demand and we’d rather keep the spots for knitters but we do accept spouses, partners and companions. There is however no special program or price for them; they will participate in all the visits, hikes, sight-seeings but will have to manage on their own during the knitting classes themselves.

Can I bring my children?
No, sorry the tours and accommodations are not suitable for family and young children!

Will you welcome us at the airport?
No sorry! Participants in the tours come from all over the world and arrive at very different times, some very early in the morning, some late in the evening and all in between! So we will all meet the next day early in the morning at your guesthouse and head on a knitting adventure! Try to spot your tour companions at the guesthouse: a hint, they may wear something hand knitted!

How do I go from the airport to the guesthouse in Reykjavík?
There are regular Flybus buses between the Keflavík international airport that will take you directly to your guesthouse in Reykjavík. We will send you more thorough information about it a few weeks before the beginning of the tour!

Do I need to bring cash?
Cards are widely used in Iceland, even for small amounts. Only a few places don’t take them but we always find a solution!

Do you offer bespoke tours?
Yes! If you are a group of friends, a knitting circle or a guild, I can design a tour to suit your requirements and budget. Have a look at my regular tours to get an idea and please send me an email.
Minimum group size: 10 guests
Be aware that I have limited time available, so if you are a small group, do consider booking all together one of my regular tours.

How difficult are the hikes?
It depends on the tours: some are more challenging than others. Each tour indicates the level of fitness required and has a short overall description of the hikes. The day-to-day itinerary also indicates the number of hours and number km/miles walked per day.

How fit do I have to be to come in a tour?
It depends on the tours. For each tour, you will find the level of fitness required indicated under More info.

Do we carry our all our luggages during the hikes?
No, we only carry a day pack with extra clothing (we are always prepared for all kinds of weather!), food and drink, and possibly a little knitting project! The rest of our luggages stays at our accommodation or is driven between places.



What should I bring in terms of clothing and gear?
For each tour, you will find a List of equipment to bring under More info on the Tour page.

How is the weather in Iceland?
Unpredictable! As a general rule, always be prepared for all kinds of weather and make sure to bring all the equipment listed for each tour.
For an overview of what the weather is like, head over here!

Is it very cold?
You may be surprised to hear that in winter time, it’s colder in New York than in Reykjavík! The relatively mild temperatures (all year round!) are due to the gulf stream. That said, we have a saying in Iceland that “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only badly dressed people”. So in order to make for a good experience, lease make sure to bring all the equipment listed for each tour. For an idea of the average temperatures and what the weather is like, head over here!

How is the food?
All the tours aim to give you a delicious food experience in traditional Icelandic cuisine, and at the same time keep it gourmet, tasty and well balanced! Whether we are hosted by a local chef or have our own cook, we emphasise on using locally produced ingredients, possibly organic, and making everything from scratch. The staples of Icelandic cooking are lamb and fish; all vegetables are grown in Iceland (usually in green houses except root vegetables) and all dairies are locally produced.

I’m a vegetarian / I’m gluten free, lactose free /  I have allergies / I’m on a special diet
We try our best to accommodate the most common dietary needs and allergies (vegetarian, pescatarian, gluten free, lactose free, etc…) with what is easily available in Iceland. After booking you will be sent a registration form to fill up where you can enter those informations. We reserve the right to charge an extra fee for special needs or to ask you to bring your own special food if it’s not available in Iceland.

How good do you have to be at knitting to come in a tour? I’m a beginner knitter, can I come on a tour?
As long as you are comfortable with casting on, binding off and making a knit stitch, you’re good enough! The workshops taught during the tours are about  learning traditional Icelandic ways and techniques and the classes are designed to de easily adaptable to each participant’s level in the tour, so that everyone from advanced to beginner has an interesting and pleasant experience!

What knitting material should I bring?
The knitting material to bring is listed in the List of equipment for each tour (under More info) and you will need it for the workshops.

Do I need to bring a travel project with me?
You’ll have enough to do during the workshops themselves, and some tours do include a project (wool and pattern) to work on, but it’s always a good idea to have a simple travelling project on the needles, the type you can do anywhere and socialise with! Also we usually start the tour by driving (or flying!) to our country guesthouse.

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