Myndirnar frá Vor göngu- og prjónaferð 2019

The Spring Hiking and Knitting tour is a more adventurous version of the Spring knitting retreat I was on the week beforet but it involves a few hikes in the beautiful scenery and the knitting thema of the tour is not the lace shawls but the lopi sweater!

So good to visit Guðrún Hespa!
And those colors!
Our GOT goat star was in a knitting mood that day!
Love at first sight
Where the cashmere comes from !
Beautiful hike


An old sheep round up made of lava stones: can you see us on the left side?

It always make me feel so good that knitters keep coming back to my tours: Gail and Dee already came in September 2017 in  the Authentic Iceland tour, in the East of Iceland (here you can see the pictures) where we took part in sorting the sheep, and here Gail and I are demonstrating (I’m the shee) ! 🙂

It took no time to spin this amazing black wool into yarn!

Hiking for the view!

Knitting break
Where is Bärbel? Clue: she’s wearing a white jacket!
Not the best hat in the wind!
Lichens and sterling

Hiking break this time!

Dee just can’t take her knitting down anymore!
And is getting a headache at choosing colors!

Cheers and sheep and lambs in the background

Don’t be fouled by the blue sky and the sun: it snowed in the mountains!
At the Textile Museum, the summer exhibition is dedicated to Ásdís researches about the origins of the lopi sweater: this is the first published pattern of a lopi sweater.
The lace is still a favorite!

Some serious knitters! (her husband made it 🙂

Making progress on my knitting at the Turf farm: it’s a new design for children coming very soon!

Gail got a new hairdo!
Lupin in the wind
Lupin and Icelandic horse
Hiking for the view!

Knitting break

Where dyeing magic happens…

My little assistants and I so proud of all the participants in the tour!
Henrietta and Olivia appreciating the new sweaters!
Properly dressed for the visit of the lopi mill!
So much wool!

Once again, thank you so much for such a fun fun tour! Miss you all!

If you want to know more about this tour, have a look here.
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