Icelandic Yarn Club 3 (2021)


Here is the third edition of my beloved Icelandic yarn club. The aim with the club is to introduce you to a greater variety of beautiful Icelandic wools and show the growing diversity of Icelandic yarns being made. The club consists of 4 kits containing special Icelandic yarns, the story behind their making, a matching pattern that I created especially for the club and that stays exclusive to it for 10 months and … a little  something from Iceland! I love surprises!

All of it is wrapped thoughtfully and will make a perfect gift, whether it is for yourself or a loved one!

This year and from now on, the Club runs in a slightly different manner than the previous years. To avoid increasingly expensive shipping costs, the 4 kits are sent all at once. I TRUST that you open the kits one at a time when you received the corresponding pattern! Instead of getting the first pattern at Xmas, you will receive the last pattern at Xmas (yeah!): this will allow you to possibly complete the first 3 projects and gift them for Xmas (yeah!). It will also avoid the stress of parcels not arriving in time around the busiest and most chaotic period of the year when it comes to shipping. Lastly, the Club will be hosted as a KAL (knit-along) on my facebook group from September (2021) to January (2022) and you are most welcome to join! There will be a few surprises and gifts along the way!

The number of places is limited. Shipment is not included in the price.
Please DO NOT put anythings else in your shopping cart: we would have to do two shipments and charge you for the extra cost. Thank you!

Edit 11th September 2021: I´m completely blow away by your response. All sold out in no time! That said, I always have some extra in case some parcels would get lost. So once everyone will have received their parcel, I will set the remaining Clubs for sale. Subscribe to be notified!

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Ekki til á lager

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