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Myndir frá Göngu- og prjónaferðinni yfir Fimmvörðuháls 2017

Here are postcards from the Hiking and Knitting between Fire and Ice! This is the [...]

Postcards from the Knitting on Ice Tour 2017, 2

And a couple of weeks later, the second Knitting on ice tour looked quite different: [...]

Postcards from the Knitting on Ice Tour 2017, 1

Here are pictures from the first Knitting on Ice tour of 2017. We were lucky [...]

Postcards from the Spring Knitting and Hiking Tour 2017

The Spring Knitting and Waking Tour is a variation of my popular Spring Knitting Retreat. [...]

Myndirnar frá Vor prjónaferðinu 2017

The tours for 2018 are already opened for booking and I’m quite late sharing pictures [...]

Myndir úr göngu- og prjónaferðinni í Óbyggðasetri Íslands 2017

  Here are some pictures from the Authentic Iceland Hiking and Knitting Tour this fall.  [...]

Postcards from a Reykjavík Knitting Holiday

The Autumn knitting tour was immediately followed by an Arena Travel tour based mostly in [...]