Myndirnar frá Vorprjónaferðinu 2018

Here are some pictures from the Knitting and Hiking Spring Tour 2018. We had an amazing weather, almost too hot (at least for Iceland: 14 celcius!)

The flowers have started to appear.

And so did Guðrún’s book about Icelandic plants: it took longer than she thought because she kind of got stuck on the dyeing wool chapter 😉 You can buy the book here.

There were lots of animals: some really weird like the dinosaurus in Reykjavik, the day on arrival who scared the dolls to death!

Goats and sheep don’t get along usually but this sheep thinks she’s a goat because she was brought up by one when she was little and her mum didn’t want her. She’s talking her lambs into it that they are goats (and cashmere ones) as well!

This cuty of a lamb (also one that missed its mum and is bottle) kept disturburbing the class…

And was friend with the dog…

who was friend with us

and the ducks as well…

There were also a lot of sweaters! (Here is when the dolls were hiding from the dinosaurus instead of helping me packing…)

Some little ones…

And you will find all my dolls patterns here.

(This one finally got a zipper!)

But also bigger sweaters!

This is my Hjaltlandspeysa and you will find more of my lopi sweaters patterns here.

Rocking Gamallegur!

There were knitters too in this tour, obviously!

And lots of Icelandic wool!

I carry quite many different types of Icelandic wool in my online shop, here.

Icelandic wool in all its forms!

it was a total immersion in Icelandic wool!

We didn’t got back with empty hands 😉 Cheers to you all! Loves from Iceland!