Myndirnar frá Knitting on Ice ferðinni í október 2018

Here are some pictures of the first Knitting on Ice tour of 2018!

Day 1: everybody arrived to Reykjavík from all over the world, at different times during the day.

Day 2: What a day we had: ice, steam and wool!

Day 3: we helped gather the sheep inside, knitted a full (little) lopi sweater and ended up this busy day outside in pyjamas watching Northern lights.

💚 Picture taken with the phone!!

Day 4: Knitting on Ice truly it was today! Glacier, frozen waterfalls, this adventurous day ended with even more knitterly adventure: steeking!


Day 5: it felt like Xmas with new fallen snow, delicious dinner, shaping and finishing lopi sweater techniques, sheep were shorn and some of us went horse riding

Day 6: another great day, visit of a turf farm, a minimill, my studio, and a lot of yarn bought 🙄😆❄️⛄️

Day 7: time to go home! Until next time!

If you want to join the Knitting on Ice tour in 2019, booking is now opened!
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