Postcards from the Hiking and knitting tour between fire and ice 2022

The Hiking and knitting between Fire and ice tour this year hosted a few familiar faces, lovely knitters and friends who had come in previous tours twice or even three times!  The knitting thema for this trip is the Icelandic intarsia. It was mostly used in shoe inserts and seems very appropriate in this tour that is a bit strenuous on one´s feet!

It all started by what can only be called a debauchery of yarns and colors!

A tad of silliness

Food debauchery for some

Bones and turf

Our big hike saw another debauchery, of sweaters and sceneries


And the occasional sheep butt

Fimmvörðurháls hut at the top of the world: no access to vehicule there, no water, we have boil some snow, and what a view on the Eyjafjalljökull!

Our second big hiking day was quite the adventure!

Then, there were indoor and outdoor knitting classes

Some foraging

The return to civilisation was smooth and involved more sweaters and colors

Thank you all of you for everything! You know better how much I appreciate you! Love!

Useful links to patterns of mine in this tour

  • All my patterns using Icelandic intarsia
  • Flowerpot coat
  • Útivist sweater
  • Kristylopi sweater
  • Frjókorn sweater
  • Fimmvörðuháls sweater
  • Sex sweater
  • Icelandic spring shawl
  • Stuttar raddir socks (from the Icelandic Yarn Club 2, to be published soon..