Postcards from the Hiking and knitting tour between Fire and Ice 2021

Hiking and knitting between fire and ice was my very first tour after 2 years break! We went  straight to yarn heaven!

Plant dying at Guðrún´s.

Soft lopi at Þingborg

Hulda´s minimill

We also visited the Skógar museum where we got to know old ways of life and the traditional shoe-insert. The technique to knit then is unique to Iceland and was the knitting theme of this tour.

Supper at our guesthouse: knitting is always allowed on the table!

And then our first day of hiking, from the Skógar waterfall up to the Fimmvörðuhals hut.

Fantastic views, fantastic sweaters, fantastic waterfalls

Punctuated by knitting breaks of course!

A heathy lunch and a bit of knitting!

Some fog, a few sheep and more knitting breaks

The fog got denser and we couldn´t see the hut before we reached it but the views cleared up a bit later that evening and I ran outside to take some pictures.

The way down to the valley of Þorsmörk starts in the fog again and we have to take another path to cross the river because the snow bridge has fallen down.

Lunch and knitting break on the top of Magni, a mountain created during the 2010 eruption of Eyjafjallajökull.

It´s so poignant to see how the vegetation is growing on the harsh lava

A few edges but still knitting

Then back in the green, some inspired photoshoot, and more knitting breaks

The next days are all about knitting and acquiring new skills


Traditional local food and resting in our hut.

Punctuated by a little hike and a very long knitting break in the amazing weather

Mosi socks in the blueberries!

A lopi sweater has to be knitted in Iceland to be a true lopi sweater and during all the duration of the tour, there was a little speed knitting competition going on between mother and daughter: who will be first to finish her Frjókorn  lopapeysa?

Edit: they both bound off in the bus and it was a tie!

Back to Reykjavík at my studio, with new knitting skills, a new (almost finished) scarf. Tired but happy!

Who will come in this highly adventurous tour in 2022? Booking will open very soon!


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