Postcards from the Hiking and knitting tour between Fire and Ice 2019

Here is a recap of the Hiking and knitting between Fire and Ice tour this year! There was one day with quite a lot of wind (even if it doesn’t show on the pictures!) and we had to modify the itinerary, fortunately the weather was perfect all the other days! The thema of this tour is the Icelandic intarsia knitting seen mostly in shoe-inserts. Enjoy the pictures! Maybe they will make you want to join this adventurous tour next year! If the hiking seems a bit too strenuous for you, I have more tours available 😉

We had a glimpse in Icelandic history and culture

Reykjavík center, not so long ago!
Turf farm: spot the Frjókorn sweater!


Traditionnal costumes: spot the shoes and the inserts in them
Shoes and inserts with a flowerpot motif

Spinners and dyers were visited and yarn was bought!

Sheep were chased…

Waterfalls were admired

Wearing my hiking sweater Útivist of course!

We hiked in all sorts of landscapes

Our path cross the one of others

Amazing nature growing in the fresh lava
Beware the lava monsters!
We’d rather carry our knitting! 😉
Knitter in the making
The first amanite I see in Iceland! The bolet we ate as an apetizer that evening. Mosi hat in blue.

And of course, a lot of knitting, outside, inside, and during the classes!

Beautiful Hryggir sweater perfectly matching the moss!


Thank you all for a truly inspiring week!

2 missing in this picture!
1 missing in this picture!