Postcards from a custom Knitting Tour Autumn 2016


October has been very busy for me with 3 knitting tours in a row! First I had a private custom tour: the wind had not blown away the leaves yet and it was an explosion of autumnal colors! So much inspiration for us knitters! Above an Icelandic shawl from the Cathare people  knitted with Gilitrutt in Moss green (surprise!) and Viking rust;


img_9458 img_9428

Plantdyed skeins from Hespa.


Plantdyed skeins from Hespa to make a Rebekka shawl and 3 skeins of Gilitrutt in Glacier turquoise, Askja blue and Viking rust.

img_9434 img_9455 img_9461 img_9463

Can you spot the Cathare shawl again?

img_9464 img_9514 img_9518 img_9521

Icelandic Cathare shawl again playing with Fina Hyrna shawl in Love Story yarn in Volcanic red

img_9471 img_9525

Windy Flowerpot coat!

img_9427 img_9479 img_9483 img_9496

Would you go for Vanilla Strawberry sheep wool…


…or natural sheep colors?


Heather went for natural grey and this is what happens when a knitter forgets her hat and it’s very windy…


Beautiful big group!