Pestó Olivíu

Aaah, pestó Olivíu … heima erum við öll alveg brjáluð út í það! Leyndarmálið hennar? Aðeins gott hráefni!

Delicious olive oil from Italy we get in Iceland at Vínbóndinn.

Fresh garlic, parmesan cheese, salt and pepper and basilic that smells so good you could roll yourself in (if you were a doll!).

And let´s not forget the pine nuts!

Then just mix everything!

That green!

Olivía always makes large amounts at a time and pours some of it into ice cube trays.

And hop, in the freezer!

It´s high!

All frozen ready to use! It´s cold!

This time Olilvía also made infused basilic olive oil.

Let´s see how it taste in one month!

Olívia his wearing her klukka (the traditional Icelandic slip) and an improvised hoodie I made during one og my knitting tours 🙂

Uppskriftir og pjrjónapakkar