My trip in the Westfjords: Frjókorn (part 2)

And here is part 2 of my wee trip to the Westfjords (see part 1 here): this time my red Frjókorn sweater is the one leading the way because even on the warmest summer day, when the wind blows, a little sweater is always welcome!  You will find all useful links at the bottom of the post!

You probably remember the waterfall and my Thórhildur shawl from part 1!

I knitted the red Fjókorn sweater for myself and made a few changes to my own pattern to my style (and no I don´t always like my designs on myself!!)

The pattern calls for 10 cm / 4″ ease but I made a much smaller size with almost no ease because I dislike loose sweaters on me, especially around the arns

I made it shorter because I think sweaters below the hip bone make me look shorter!

And finally, instead of the single crochet  border, I knitted ribbed button bands for those lovely buttons. I purchased  them probably 10 years ago and was so happy for finally be able to find the perfect match!

Can you guess what I´m looking at?

Can you spot them?


The white is Léttlopi (that is two strands of plötulopi twisted together) where as the red is only 1 strand of plötulopi with 1 Love Story fine lace. This make for an extra light lopi sweater, and extra soft too and as you can see they can be worked together at the same gauge! (for more information about how plötulopi+ Love Story can be an alternative to Léttlopi, see my article here).

Then, I had to kleave my favorite sweater in the fjords because someone had also forgotten to bring a lopi sweater for the month she was gonna stay there!

See you very soon for part 3, and yet another handknit! What will it be?


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