A week-end in Iceland: the Trolls peninsula

This week, I should have been guiding the Hiking and knitting under the Midnight sun tour which was postponed to next year, but I nevertheless went to the Trolls peninsula and visit my friend Myriam (a friend of us was celebrating his birthday at her place.

One scary hell of a troll !!

We hiked along familiar trails…

Those of you who came in this knitting tour the past years will recognise the lake of Skeið!

Myriam´s daughter and I crossed the river back and forth just for fun, and yes melted snow is freezing cold!!

And I also went skiing! This is one of the things I adore about Iceland: not only can you can go skying during summer time but you can also still see the sea from the snowy mountains! And of course, it´s always fantastic to be able to wear those knits all year round!

My Rósavettlingar mittens, a modern interpretation of the traditional embroidered Icelandic mittens.

I´m also wearing my Gamaldags sweater, the one I made just for me in bright colors: the green is a special dye that is not in the current Ístex palette and I love it!

Myriam is wearing the original grey Útivist sweater I gave her for her birthday last year: it fits her perfectly! It´s the one I knitted when I made the series of tutorials showing the making of the sweater from cast on to finishing.

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